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Get in touch with history of the Landvogthaus

From the historic drawing room to the three antique dining rooms, you’ll find historical rooms with different atmospheres and get into places filled with history. As soon as you enter, the small living room immediately make you plunge into the atmosphere of the past under the antiques of the Landvogthaus. Imagine a cozy living room flooded with light, offering the special historical atmosphere.

Relaxing Rooms

We provide you two relaxing rooms, a vaulted cellar and an oriental room, where we serve local herbal teas, places where you find peace and some rest. There is murmuring water as well as some special musical instruments. In summer, the relaxing cellar also serves to cool down after the heat. 

Home Decor Museum

Visiting the museum means living an extraordinary event: the ancient art of living and the history of the 16th century. The Swiss manor in Nidfurn presents on 6 floors in one of the most beautiful parts of Switzerland.

  • Vouchers available for Museum visits; also a nice incentive.

  • Guided tour incl. coffee / tea and pastry or aperitif:


CHF 35 per person

CHF 25 for our over night guests​

Historical Toys' Room

A unique children's playroom with historical toys is located in a charming room with ancient furniture from canton Appenzell. Your darlings will discover many interesting things and will learn what toys children played generations ago.

Herbal Tea Collection

To our guests of the Landvogthaus we offer teas made from organic herbs, collected for you from the surrounding area. It may improve your health and well-being.


If you would like to try our herbal teas, simply let us know when you arrive. The herbal teas of the Landvogthaus will be a real discovery for you, rich in taste and vitamins.


We manage your personal event for you and your family or friends. The Landvogthaus allows you to choose among several possibilities: Whether it is the romantic garden or one of the historical rooms inside the manor.


  • Personal, cultural events in line with your ideas and expectations

  • Weddings, anniversaries etc. 

  • Workshops and seminars.

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