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Majesty of the Landvogt

1 or 2 persons

1 bed

Shared bathroom

CHF 135 per person

CHF 155 as single room

incl. organic breakfast

Landvogt (Bailiff) room's history...

This room, where Peter Blumer used to sleep in 1640 reflects authentic walls, floor and ceiling of those days, even the archaic door found to this room in that time. The canopy (for 1-2 persons) dates to the epoque of 1730.


This canopy out of walnut is a unique piece because it was a loan collection of the honorable Mrs Elisabeth Sprüngli-Halter, which liked the Landvogthaus at its most because she loved the ancient and massive framework. That means you have the chance to taste this special canopy where pure Swiss chocolate dreams may come true and may be unforgettable.


The beautiful wardrobe is a rare piece out of original fine and rare Glarner furniture, in seldom paint technic, dated back to 1730. The trunk from the Grisons dates from 1688, naturally also in its original condition. Bone china on the walls is also here a must.


Peter Blumer’s view to the Tödi, the most beautiful view from the Glarner Valley to this famous mountain is highly comparable to the Matterhorn near Zermatt, but much closer to Zurich Airport, means more relaxing time and comfort during your holiday season.


The yellow bathroom in the perfect and authentic Belle Epoque’s style belongs to this room, two floors downstairs. A royal bathroom which will amaze you. 

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