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The pure harmonic Music vibes

1 person

Shared bathroom

CHF 155 per person

incl. organic breakfast

Music room's history...

This suite is just marvellous and unit privacy and luxury in respect of space around 1860. This single room includes a fantastic bed from the Lombardei in North Italy, where the Blumers cultivated business relations in the livestock farming and the drapery trade. This bed dates back to 1780, from a castle outside of Milan, also as some fine tables in this splendid guest room.


Old music instruments are placed everywhere in the suite and if you are very quiet during nights you may hear some low sound of Jesaja Blumer who was living in the early

19th century, playing for you if as you lived in those days. The ameublement is given in original rare old brown velvet, which dates back to 1860.


The windows offer you a perfect view to the English park area, throughout the original windows dated of early 1750, a time when the Blumers had the comeback of their drapery trade, a time where the Landvogthaus (The Bailiff’s House) received a baroque outfit which means e.g. that blinds were new painted with baroque roquailles. Also a time, when, thanks to this revival the famous family implemented new, complicated parquet floors in several rooms of the Landvogthaus.

This suite offers you just the feeling of a pure Blumer’s lifestyle of those exciting days. Your return to this magic place is guaranteed.

The yellow bathroom in the perfect and authentic Belle Epoque’s style belongs to this room, one floor downstairs. A royal bathroom which will amaze you. 

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