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Our Manor is located at the southern end of the village of Nidfurn and offers you a tremendous view of the Glarus Grosstal and the majestic Tödi. You can also easily reach some other interesting tourist spots such as Braunwald, the Klausenpass and the lake of Klöntal, Elm, Schwanden, Mettmen and Glarus.

In the Grosstal prevails a particularly microclimate,

meaning that there is always a pleasant breeze passing through

to cool you down on hot days. In winter, we have very little fog. And even when it is raining, the surrounding countryside presents you with countless impressive views and atmospheres.

Old Style Garden

Different old trees around the house reflect a resting forest microclimate, the whole arranged as an enchanted old English castle’s garden of the 18th century. Feel the unique atmosphere of an original 16th century Swiss Manor.


After meadow you will find a 300 m2 quadratic baroque garden labyrinth with organic herbs and various fruit trees and berries with relaxing areas for our guests. (More: Von Reisen und Gaerten)

Walks In The Mountains

The historic Landvogthaus is situated at the foot of the mountains and offers plenty to do in both summer and winter. You can engage in a wide variety of outdoor activities and contemplative walks to explore the flora and fauna, hiking in the surrounding countryside with superb scenery. Magnificent mountain views and walks to all sorts of places in the vicinity.

The oldest wild animal resort of Europe is situated in the forests around Nidfurn.

Guided walking tours and arrangements with outside mountain dinner on request.


Check out our map of routes here:

Sports & Holidays

Mountain sports recreation is one of the most popular requests of our guests. You will certainly enjoy sports as hiking and mountain biking or a comfortable cycling tour around Nidfurn or along the river Linth. For this purpose, you may use our bicycles. The village of Nidfurn is located closely to ski resorts, where you can also go skiing during the winter season.


The nearest ski resorts are Elm (44 km of slopes) and Braunwald (30 km of slopes). The famous cross-country skiing trail (Töditritt) begins directly at the Nidfurn train station (22 km of slopes).


In the neighbourhood are located:

swimming pool, golf and tennis court, archery and shooting range.

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